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The Edmonton Aging Symposium was the inaugural event sponsored by the Aging Research Network.  It epitomizes the type of approach which the members of the Network feel is essential to driving advancements in biomedical gerontology.  The Edmonton Aging Symposium brought together normally disparate communities and connected them through the common goal of concern for the suffering of aging  from a personal, medical or economic perspective

The Symposium gathered top scientists and thinkers from across Canada and the world to discuss not only new advances in biotechnology with promise to reduce the suffering of age-related diseases, but provided a venue to discuss the ethical implications of the development of such technologies to the general public. 

The Symposium was streamed live on to all the major hospitals in Alberta and out onto the internet to a global audience making it the first in history to do so. 

Connecting people who are concerned about aging from all professions and walks of life to forge a will with common-purpose, lessening the immense burden of an increasingly elderly population,  will need many more such gatherings.